Just 1 Life benefits.

For the client:

  • Non-Judgmental People to talk to and help you through the hard times.


  • Training and instruction on how to maintain compliance and complete probation or parole successfully and in some cases early.


  • Peer support and pro-social activities that are fun and appropriate for people on legal restriction and or in recovery.


  • Case management support. We provide reminders to court dates, doctors' appointments, reporting days, classes, testing, and emergency transportation in some cases.


  • Crisis services including emergency transportation,  food, clothing and mobile 1 on 1 therapy.


  • Incentivized sobriety and maintained compliance.


For the community:


  • Faster Interventions. We work closely with clients on probation and we monitor day to day mental health so we can catch issues early before they turn into something serious.


  • Better chance of success. We treat, educate and support people who choose to make the appropriate life changes. Healthy coping skills, education, and on-going therapy and support give our clients a far higher chance of success than those without.


For the state:

  • It's less expensive to treat and re-educate citizens vs. incarcerate and condemn.


  • We help our clients obtain and maintain employment. Higher employment rate = better economy and less homelessness.


  • Less burden on law enforcement and justice system processing probation violations and reinstatements for minor crimes and addiction issues.