We take a holistic approach to treatment.

We provide counseling to work through issues,  peer mentoring for guidance and support from someone who has been there,  and case management to provide resources and to make sure clients have their basic needs met.

We walk beside clients as they go through the hard times, and we help them come out the other side better, and with the tools, resources, and support they need to keep growing and living independently.


All clients are assigned a counselor, and peer supports are available for those who request them.


Case managers are Licensed Master Social Workers who will meet with the client first either in-home or in-office to complete intake documents and assessments. In this initial session, the case manager will talk with the client and identify all the primary needs and offer resources, therapy and assistance as needed.  Case managers can assist clients in securing suitable housing, employment, navigating government programs, getting set up with vocational training, and employment assistance.

Counselors are licensed professional counselors and thoughtfully matched to the client based on the client's needs at the time. The counselor will meet with the client in-home, in-office or over video chat to work through a variety of issues including Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Addiction, Grief, Relationships, Employment, Gambling, and EAP.

Mentors are behavioral health technicians or peer recovery support specialists that can provide clients with regular positive social interaction, support, life skills training, help writing resumes and bios, applying for jobs, going to support groups, help planning for housing and employment changes as well as transporting the client back and forth to all critical appointments.

We help our clients create a "Life Plan" that identifies the clients short and long term goals and we utilize counseling, mentoring, and case management to support and guide a person to follow through and make positive change.

We care about our clients and our mission is to help them to turn away from "That Life" that just isn't working and show them the path to a happy healthy life.


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