We take a holistic approach to treatment.

All clients are assigned a case manager, mentor and a counselor to ensure our clients have the support they need to make lasting life change.

When a new client comes to us the first thing we do is address their basic needs. Housing, hygiene, and health must be in order for anyone to be able to focus on treatment and compliance.

All clients are set up with a case manager that will assist them in securing suitable housing, employment, navigating government programs, getting set up with vocational training and most importantly assigning them a mentor.  Mentors can provide them with regular positive social interaction, support, life skills training, help writing resumes and bios, applying for jobs, going to support groups, help planning for housing and employment changes as well as transporting the client back and forth to all critical appointments.

Once the client has been assigned a case manager and mentor they are matched with a counselor for regular 1 on 1 counseling in-home or in the community at places like library's, coffee shops or other safe public places.

All clients are set up with a custom case plan that combines, counseling, mentoring and case management to support the personal growth of the client and compliance with all court orders.

We care about our clients and our mission is to help people to turn away from "That Life" that just isn't working and show them the path to a healthy, happy, stable, law-abiding life.

In doing this we save millions of dollars and lives.

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