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Start a new career as a Peer Support.   

Peer Recovery Support Specialist 

(PRSS) Credential

In-Person & Online Classes Available 

This course is designed to prepare you for certification as a Peer Support Specialist. Through a blend of individual learning, group discussions, presentations, and role-playing, you will gain the skills you need to help others move toward wellness and you will earn the credential required to work as a peer support specialist.

The Just 1 Life Peer Support Training curriculum is comprehensive, in-depth, and developed in part by experienced peer support specialists.  The course meets or exceeds the competency standards established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and is approved by AHCCCS and DES Vocational Rehabilitation (VR/RSA).

Topics of training include but are not limited to:  Concepts of Hope and Recovery, Advocacy and Systems Perspective, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Skills and Service Delivery, Professional Responsibilities and Ethics of the Peer Support Specialist, Self Care, and Clinical Documentation.

Just 1 Life also provides CPR / First Aid, Opioid Overdose, and Active Shooter Training.

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Graduates of the course are issued a certificate of completion that credentials and can qualify them to work as a Peer & Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS), Peer Support, Peer Mentor, and a number of other entry level healthcare worker positions.  Employment Assistance & Job Placement Services Available.

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