Our professional services are all designed to help people live happier, healthier lives.


Counseling is the core of our program. We offer it by phone, Zoom, in the office, and in the community.

We believe everyone needs someone to talk to especially when life is hard. We take the time to listen to our clients and we counsel them with the intention of comforting, calming, encouraging, and empowering them.

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Peer Support

A peer recovery support specialist or “Peer Support” is a certified and trained behavioral health professional that can support you in your recovery journey. They are thoughtfully matched to a client based on their experience and ability to identify with the suffering or experience a client is going through.

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Employment Assistance

One of the hardest things for a person to deal with is getting a new job.  The stress of not knowing how you will earn a living and feed your family can be extreme and lead to bad decisions. Getting a job these days is difficult and in many cases seems impossible.  We work with clients to help them get employed, or we help them get training and learn new skills so they work. 

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Case Management 

In most cases, our clients need more than just a little group counseling to achieve lasting change.

Our case managers perform intakes, assess clients’ needs, and create individualized care plans for each client that can include counseling, peer support, vocational rehabilitation, and skills development housing and referrals out to other agencies. Case Managers can also connect clients with immediate help through advocacy and connection to resources for food, shelter, and basic needs. 

Job Training 

Sometimes you need to start over and learn a new way to live, and work.  We offer a suite of job training courses that are designed to equip and prepare individuals and groups to enter or re-enter the workforce.  We offer job readiness and soft skill training programs and job-specific training programs for customer services, peer support, web design, podcasting, and social media management for people who desire new career paths

Peer Support Certification Training 

A Peer and Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) is someone with lived experience of behavioral health, substance use, justice involvement, and recovery who has received specialized training on how to use their experience to help others.

A PRSS is an entry-level behavioral health clinician that works with individuals during their recovery journey, sharing skills, coaching, and providing support.

Just 1 Life offers 4 Day Online or In-Person certification training course designed to prepare you for your work as a PRSS.

With a Just 1 Life PRSS Certification, you can work as a peer support specialist at a variety of places including counseling and social services agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation, and recovery centers, and many more.

Peer Support specialists can choose to go on to get additional career training and certifications and become higher-level clinicians.

The “Get Right Program”

The Get Right Program was designed to support continued sobriety and successful community reintegration for people with a history of justice involvement and or long-term substance use. 

Participants are provided assistance with obtaining basic personal needs, housing,  finding and maintaining employment while engaged in an intensive and structured outpatient program that combines individual therapy, peer support, and case management to ensure mental health stability and court-ordered compliance. 

Just 1 Life provides all court-ordered treatment, counseling, skills development, employment assistance within the agency. We believe the All-in-One agency model minimizes the risk of treatment resistance and exposure to triggers and temptations that can arise from moving around the community by bus or on foot receiving services from multiple agancies.

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