Counseling is the core of our program. We offer it by phone, Zoom, in the office, and in the community.

We believe everyone needs someone to talk to especially when life is hard. We take the time to listen to our clients and we counsel them with the intention of comforting, calming, encouraging, and empowering them.

We help people adjust to major life changes, new limitations, and to work through past traumas and real-time problems as they arise.

We teach them how to deal with and expect normal life issues so they don't become catastrophes.

Peer Support / Mentoring

In many cases, we can provide our clients with peer support or mentor to walk alongside them, provide regular positive social interaction, and help them get things done.  Mentors engage the client regularly in life skills development activities and hold them accountable. Peer Supports assist clients in engaging in things like vocational training programs, completing community service hours, creating budgets, drafting new daily schedules, and helping build healthy routines. Mentors help write resumes, help apply for jobs, prepare for interviews, help with following through and in many cases transport clients to treatment and other important appointments.

Case management

In most cases, our clients need more than just a little group counseling to achieve lasting change.

Our case managers assess and create individualized care plans for each client that include counseling, peer support, vocational rehabilitation, and skills development. Case Managers can also connect clients with immediate help with food, water, and transitional housing in most cases. Our Case Managers work closely with the client's counselor and mentor to support case plans that include the client's immediate needs, long-term goals, and any court-ordered compliance.

Pro-Social Activity

An idle mind can be dangerous and one of the hardest things to do is make new friends if you want to stay sober and law-abiding.  Old friends and boredom are high-risk factors so we provide our clients with optional pro-social activities regularly to support recovery. We engage the clients in healthy activities like sporting events, concerts, art exhibits, fun parks, aquariums, expos, community events, and outreach activities to educate people on natural and safe ways to have fun without substance use.

Employment Assistance

One of the hardest things for a person to deal with is getting a new job.  The stress of not knowing how you will earn a living and feed your family can be extreme and lead to bad decisions. Getting a job these days is difficult and in many cases seems impossible.  We work with each client individually to identify job opportunities that are both gainful and meaningful based on their skills, experience, and what they like to do. We provide assistance with resume writing, interviewing techniques, clothing, and even transportation to interviews in some cases.

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Social Services

Our primary objective is to help people make lasting change in their life. We can provide a spectrum of things to help people through the transition. We offer things like assistance with housing, finding a doctor, medical transportation, legal help, specialty meetup groups and navigating government programs.

Moral Reconation Therapy- MRT (Group Classes)

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a type of behavioral therapy aimed at decreasing the likelihood of someone returning to abusing substances or alcohol. Similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), MRT aims to change thought processes and decision-making associated with addiction and criminal behavior.


Group classes can be done in person or 100% virtually through Zoom.


Moral Reconation Therapy-MRT is an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral intervention developed 25 years ago. It has been proven to increase life purpose, increase moral decision-making, increase medication adherence AND decrease risk-taking behaviors, substance abuse, and recidivism.

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Services Outside of Our Scope
Clients whose needs fall outside the scope of our services or scheduling availability are referred to other community resources.

Just 1 Life Services provides referral services after the initial session or as factors become more apparent during the course of services.  The client's case manager can provide referral options and offer additional assistance as necessary.

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