Therapy is the core of our program. We believe helping people to work through past trauma and real-time current life challenges is the key to preventing a person from relapsing and re-offending.  We use a "Meet me where I'm at" style counseling and offer it 1 on 1 and in a group setting depending on the client's needs.

Peer Support

The ability to look someone in the eye who has been through it and possibly shared some of your struggles is what makes us different.  We employ graduates of our programs and people with valuable life experience to assist our clients that are just starting their transition.

Case management

Often our clients often need more than just a little group counseling to achieve lasting change. We believe it takes a carefully thought out combination of mental health professionals, peer mentors, psychoeducation and sobriety. Our case plans are based on the client's immediate needs, long term goals and , court-ordered compliance.

Pro-Social Activity

An idle mind can be dangerous and one of the hardest things to do is make new friends once you are sober and law abiding.  Old friends and boredom are high-risk factors so we provide our clients with supervised pro-social activities regularly. We engage in healthy activities like sporting events, concerts, art exhibits, fun parks, aquariums, expos, community events, and outreach activities.

Job Placement

One of the hardest things to deal with is getting a job once you have a criminal record.  In most cases, people are forced to change jobs after an offense either because they get fired or they can't work in the same field.  We work with each client individually to identify job opportunities that are both gainful and meaningful. We provide assistance with resume writing, interviewing techniques, clothing, and transportation to interviews in some cases.

Social Services

Our primary objective is to help people make lasting change in their life. We can provide a spectrum of things to help people through the transition. We offer things like assistance with housing, finding a doctor, medical transportation, legal help, specialty meetup groups and navigating government programs.

Specific services we provide include:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Pro-Social Activities
  • Crisis Services
  • Specialty Courses / Workshops

Services Outside of Our Scope
Clients whose needs fall outside the scope of our services or scheduling availability are referred to other community resources.

Just 1 Life Services provides referral services after the initial session or as factors become more apparent during the course of services.  The client's case manager can provide referral options and offer additional assistance as necessary.

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