"Get Right"

ReEntry and Anti-Recidivism Program 

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"Get Right"
ReEntry and Anti-Recidivism Program 
"Get Right" ReEntry and Anti-Recidivism Program 

The Get Right Program was designed to support continued sobriety and successful community reintegration for people with a history of justice involvement and or long-term substance use. 


Primary Objectives:

  • Counsel people who are in the process of adapting to a healthy, law-abiding life. 
  • Connect people with community resources, recovery assistance, 2nd chance employment, crisis support, and people who will walk alongside them as they rebuild their lives.
  • Support people who have made the decision to Get Right. 1 day at a time, for as long as it takes.

Participants are provided assistance with obtaining basic personal needs, housing,  finding and maintaining employment and on-going therapy, peer mentoring and case management to ensure mental health stability and court-ordered compliance. 


Services are delivered by;

  • Therapist - Licensed Counselor 

Provides 1 on 1 Individual Counseling for Adjustment Disorder, Anxiety, Trauma, Substance Use Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Grief, and more. 

  • Case Manager - Licensed Master Social Worker 

Provides intakes and general case management support as well as assistance navigating government programs. Case managers can provide access to resources for ongoing basic needs such as Lifeline phones, work clothes/shoes, haircuts, emergency food, and arranging transportation to probation, court, and treatment-related appointments.

  • Mentor - Behavioral Health Technician / Peer Support Specialist  

Provides regular positive & healthy social interaction, individual advocacy, assistance navigating government programs, critical skills training, employment assistance, and transportation to therapy, job interviews, court dates, probation reporting, drug testing, and other mission-critical appointments.

  • VR Counselor 

Provides skills development and rehabilitative instruction, assistance preparing for employment, job placement, guidance with SS/Disability if deemed appropriate, and educational referrals for clients that wish to return to school for GED, college, or skilled trades.


Services are delivered via Zoom, by phone, and in-person if necessary, and if proper PPE is available.


Standard Care Plan

Step 1 - Intensive (First 60 Days)

  • Individual Counseling 2 Times Per Week 
  • Meet with Case Manager 2-4 Times Per Month 
  • Skills Development  / Employment Assistance 1-3 Times Per Week 
  • Peer Support / Self-Help Mentoring 1-3 Times Per Week
  • Virtual Support Group 1 Time Per Week

Step 2 - Standard (Up-to 6 Months) 

  • Individual Counseling 1 Times Per Week 
  • Meet with Case Manager 1-2 Times Per Month 
  • Skills Development  / Employment Assistance 1-3 Times Per Month 
  • Peer Support / Self-Help Mentoring 1-2 Times Per Week
  • Virtual Support Group 1 Time Per Week


The Get Right Program is intended to start out intensive and decrease in intensity over time as clients become stable, employed, and engaging in pro-social activities.  


Most graduates of the Get Right program are eligible and encouraged to apply to be trained as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist after 6 months of sobriety and law-abiding behavior.  


*Starting Pay for a Just 1 Life Peer Support is $16 Per Hour and goes as high as $25 Per Hour based on time on the job, quality of care, professionalism, amount of experience, and level of training.


At Just 1 Life we believe that a persons hard life experience can be converted into a powerful tool for good, if it is used to help others.

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